Hair Transplant Turkey vs Cyprus vs UK

Prices and Cost in Turkey, Cyprus compare to United Kingdom

It’s becoming increasingly common for people fighting against hair loss to look for surgical treatment options outside of high-priced countries like the UK and the United States. Two especially popular destinations for clients looking to save on costs while not compromising on quality and expertise are Cyprus and Turkey.

Average costs for hair transplant surgeries in the UK – United Kingdom and the US range from GBP 4,000 to GBP 15,000, while clients can expect to save almost 65% if they undergo the same hair transplant in Cyprus or Turkey.

Several reasons for the price dfferences UK (United Kingdom) – Cyprus and Cyprus – Turkey

There are several reasons for the large price differences that clients will encounter when comparing hair transplant treatments UK-Cyprus or Cyprus-Turkey, Turkey in this case offering some of the most competitive rates worldwide. The costs associated with establishing a clinic in Cyprus or Turkey, both in terms of labour costs and average property rental costs, are far cheaper than those in the UK or the US.

Prices in Turkey and Cyprus around 65 % cheaper then in UK – United Kingdom

In this way, clinics based in Cyprus or Turkey can pass on savings of around 65% to their clients while offering equally qualified hair surgeons and similarly outstanding outcomes. Many surgeons, including Dr. Georgiou Michalis of the Michalis Hair Restoration Clinic (MHRC) in Nicosia, Cyprus, studied with the leading FUE practitioners in the US, for example, Dr. John. P. Cole.

Also in Turkey the prices are slightly lower than those found in cyprus the prices of Cyprus are much lower than in UK, Europe and the US

For the same reason, the rates offered for FUE, FUT, and other hair transplant surgeries in Turkey are lower than those clients will find in Cyprus, but clinics in both countries offer much more cost-effective treatment options than those found in mainland Europe, the UK, and the US.


However, one should be as careful as possible in Turkey. As Andreas Krämer from Hairforlife reports, even 5-star ratings and test winner certificates are often simply bought for expensive money:

Aside from the low prices and equally qualified hair surgeons, there are other reasons why an increasing number of balding men are choosing to undergo treatment in clinics based in Cyprus and Turkey. Given the beautiful natural environments, warm climates, and, for history lovers, centuries worth of culture to discover, these two countries, both accessible by direct flights from the UK, are ideal for hair transplant vacations.

Much more expats from uk in cyprus than in turkey

Although the treatment rates in Turkey are slightly lower than those found in Cyprus-based clinics, there are several compelling reasons why many clients are travelling to Cyprus instead. First, given the historical connections between the UK and Cyprus, the nation is full of expatriates; this creates a strong sense of familiarity and comfort, both of which are essential when travelling for surgery.

Cyprus as one of the safest countries and the fact that Dr. Michalis, in contrast to many clinics in Turkey, don`t need to shave the recipient area

Second, Cyprus is one of the safest and most varied holiday destinations in the EU; in a city like Nicosia, visitors can enjoy world-famous beaches, great nightlife, and relics from a 1,000-year history. Finally, specialist hair surgeons, including Cyprus-based Dr. Michalis, whose area of expertise is the unshaven FUE treatment, often underlie the decision to visit Cyprus rather than Turkey.