Hair Transplant without shaving head

Be fast socially acceptable again!

Hair Transplant without shaving: Unshaved FUE and FUT to be fast socially acceptable again!

Non Shaven FUT Hair Transplant and unshaven FUE without shaving head. Some words about the unique unshaven FUT (Strip) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) of Dr. Michalis Georgiou.

Hair Restoration without shaving head: Worldwide is Dr. Michalis in Cyprus and Spain one of the rare hair surgeons which does not have to cut (shave) the hair in the recipient area short

Dr. Michalis Georgiou – and located in Cyprus and Spain – is one of the rare hair surgeons who provide FUE Hair transplant Surgery without shaving of the recipient site. No need to cut or to shave the existing hair before the Hair Restoration short whether it is the FUE or the FUT – Strip technique.

The Problem of shaving the head and/or the recipient site for women and men: The aim to be fast socially acceptable after the hair transplant

Many people – women and men –  find it a strong limitation if the hair on the complete head, or in the receiving (recipient) area must be cut very short, or even completely shaved.

Several people worldwide and especially people who are working in representative professions, like celebrities, actors, manager, lawyers, salesmen, teachers and all other people who have a lot to do with people at work have the aim to be fast sociable acceptable again after a hair restoration.

No chance to conceal the hair restoration if the hair was shaved or cut very short

The problem is that after the hair restoration crusts and redness arise. The crusts will fall off after 14 days and also a redness will develops in the receiving area. But if the hair is completely shaved or cut very short, the crusts and reddening can not be longer hide eg. to hide the surgery it `s very difficult.

Unshaved FUT (Strip) and FUE in Cyprus – Nicosia and Spain – Barcelona as a solution for women and men

If you are searching for a FUT or a FUE without shaving of the hair in the recipient area, Dr. Michalis is the right hair surgeon for you.

With a Dr. Michalis Georiou Hair transplant in Spain (Barcelona) and Hair Restoration in Cyprus (Nicosia) the hair in the recipient area never needs to cut short, or to shave. Neither with the FUT – Strip or with the FUE technology and whether women or men, with Dr. Michalis there will no need to shave your hair completely, or to cut or shave the hair in the recipient area.

With FUE only the hair in the Donor area will be shaved. But the hair grow according to experience 1 mm every 3 days and after 14 days the hair in the donor area reaches again 0,5 cm and 5 mm.

That means that Women and men will get much faster socially acceptable.

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