Hair Transplant

Some words regarding hair transplant

Hair Transplant

There are several terms for hair transplant are circulating, but all of them describe the same procedure. In addition to the most frequently used term of hair transplant there are also the names such as hair restoration, hair transplantation or hair surgery.

Hair transplant is a method that extract hair from the head  and the donor area to the bald/balding area.

The hair extracted from the donor area are resistant to hereditary hair loss and exactly this resistant hair will be transplanted to the bald areas. The results of hair restoration (hair transplant) are permanent.

Hair surgery can treat bald area through hereditary hair loss, but also to transplant eyebrows/eyelashes and also to transplant scars caused by accidents. With hair restoration bald or thinning areas of women and men can be treated.

At present, there are two modern methods of hair transplantation available.

The removal/extraction of the follicular units step by step and with fine hollow needles of 0.8 – 1.00 mm, the FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction method, or the removal of the follicular units by a strip of skin, the FUT – Strip hair transplant technique.

Hair Transplant Consultation

If you would like a consultation regarding a hair transplant, please contact our Hairforlife cooperation advisor for a hair transplant consultation. Mr Krämer from Hairforlife will usually answer you between 2-3 working days


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