FUE Hair Transplant in Spain

Some words regarding hair transplant in our Spain clinic in Barcelona

Hair Transplant with FUE in Spain

High quality Hair Restoration with unshaved recipient area

For any client interested in finding a reliable, inexpensive, and cost-effective way to solve the lifechanging problems that inevitably result from receding hairlines, inherited baldness, and scalp damage, the Dr. Michalis Clinic based in Nicosia, Cyprus and in Spain, Barcelona is the best clinic currently operating in the country. The Michalis Clinic, one of the central partners of the renowned international hair restoration consultancy group Hairforlife www.hairforlife.info, provides a broad range of unshaven, manual solutions that rise above the highest global standards in the industry in terms of technique, competence, and cost.

Dr. Michalis FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Spain since 2012

Owned and managed by the leading hair surgeon and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) practitioner Dr. Georgiou Michalis, the Michalis Clinic, founded in 2012, is committed to the provision of hair transplant and restoration solutions that are personally tailored to the situations faced by each client.

Dr. Michalis is a leading expert in the provision of FUE, the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT – also referred to as Strip-HT), BHT, and each of these services are provided with no shaving of the recipient site (Read more about our Unshaven FUT and FUE) wand the strict avoidance of Giga Mass transfer and imprecise micrometers.

Having studied under Dr. John P. Cole of the United States, one of the first hair surgeons to perform FUE procedures, Dr. Michalis now draws on only the highest-quality surgical equipment to ensure reliable outcomes for every patient with high growth yields and dense results.

Important notes

When clients survey the status of the hair restoration industry in Spain, it is important for them to consider the following. Unlike the Michalis Clinic, most clinics across the nation, although offering potentially cheaper services, use motorised extraction devices, unhealthy and inefficient Giga Mass transfer sessions (with more than 5,000 grafts extracted per session), and under-qualified medical assistants. Of course, cost savings are passed onto the client, but the low standards of service ultimately come at the cost of satisfaction, reliability, and precise outcomes.

Clients should also note that most clinics do not have the expertise required to provide state-of-the-art procedures like FUE and unshaven options; instead, they rely on more invasive and less effective hair restoration strategies.

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